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International Scientific Conference

New Trends and Directions of Development
09-10 June 2017
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The growing role of financial markets and institutions in the economy is sometimes referred to as financialization. It denotes the process by which financial markets determine the behavior of all actors, including financial institutions, enterprises, individual investors and households. Financial markets act on a number of socio-economic categories and shape many areas of life, at the same time increasing awareness about corporate social responsibility.

Bearing in mind the importance of financialization, the Department of Finance at the University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszów, together with the Department of Banking and Finance at the University of Warsaw, made a joint decision to hold an International Scientific Conference "Financialization - New Trends and Directions of Development", which will be held on 9 - 10 June 2017 in Rzeszów. It is one of the first conferences on the subject in Poland.

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Our intention is to integrate the various points of view of academia on the issue. We would like to create a field for interdisciplinary discussion, which is why the conference is addressed to representatives of both socio-economic sciences and the humanities.


The aims of the conference are to present the problem of financialization and initiate discussion on the subject, develop the Polish definition of financialization, define strategic research directions and promote international studies on the subject. The conference will be attended by eminent representatives of major foreign scientific centers dealing with issues of financialization and many eminent Polish scholars from various research centers in the country, as well as representatives of major institutions supervising the financial market in Poland and representatives of the business world. 

Research Issues Conference:

Impact mechanisms of financialization on the economy and society

(in particular: legal regulations and the real sphere, financial sector stability, security of financial services, access to financial services, the relationship between the financial and the real sphere, financial inclusion, financial exclusion)

Changing the paradigm of socio-economic development

(in particular: social exclusion and poverty, social exclusion, social capital and social trust, economics of happiness)

Households and the individual in the world of financialization

(in particular: financial skills and awareness, responsible financial decisions, behavioral finance, management of home finances, consumption and saving)

Supervision and regulation of financial markets

(in particular: financial crises, stability of the financial sector, corporate governance and banking ethics, asset bubbles, banking risk management, shadow banking systems)

Sustainable finance

(in particular: financial education, social banking innovations, social responsibility of the financial sector)

Regional diversity

(in particular: social inequalities, regional disparities, income diversity)
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